What is the Best “Diet”?

If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me “what is the best diet”, I would be…well you know the rest. So before I go any further I am interested in your experiences and feed back with some of the diets I will mention. Tell us your success story!
Lets begin by saying I do not in anyway shape or form endorse any of the following diets, books, programs or techniques and in addition I do not receive compensation for a positive plug on a particular program.
With that being said lets now look at some of the most popular diets of today.We will begin with the ever so popular PALEO diet.
The Paleo diet or “hunter gatherer” has some faults. One of the most obvious flaws is that in 2014 we don’t hunt for food nor do we live in caves, also eating a diet rich in wild game ie. deer and elk is not a sustainable option for modern society unless you are out hunting for your dinner. Lets go a step further, fresh fruit and vegetables where scarce at best in certain parts of the world and in many places fish and wild game was the only option, sounds more like a keto diet, high fat and protein, not much fresh fruit or veggies being consumed in the frozen tundra. Which brings me to the next Diet, the Mediterranean diet! Again on the surface this is also seems like a great plan but as we look deeper into it we find some flaws. This diet calls for the consumption of olive oil, legumes, unrefined cereals, fruits, and vegetable’s with moderate to high consumption of fish, moderate consumption of dairy products, and low consumption of meat products. Sounds great right? Very Nutrient dense and rich in omegas. Wrong! Unless you are out catching dinner in the ocean or streams and lakes, most of the fish that we consume is “farm raised” and treated with antibiotics and fed a diet of corn at best. Can you think of anywhere in the world that fish eat corn? Do a quick Google search on farm raised fish and you will agree that you wouldn’t want to eat it. What about the mercury levels found in the wild species of fish we all also know what that does. So to eat “high amounts of fish may not be realistic option either. Now for the next, this is not necessarily a diet but a lifestyle. Vegetarians show lower blood pressure, lower body mass index, lower cholesterol levels, lower rates of diabetes, so again on the surface this seems like the way to go. BUT, also a vegetarians diet lacks vitamin B12, which can lead to anemia and irreversible nerve damage. Iron in a vegetarian diet is similar to non vegetarian but has less bio-availability, calcium is also lower “unless the diet is properly planned”, and how many people “really know’ how to do that? Now we can go into some more popular diets but I don’t want to ramble on, I do want to get 1 VERY VERY important point across though. Before you go and try the newest fad diet or purchase the top selling diet book, or some miracle detox plan, REMEMBER the only plan that will work and deliver long lasting and incredible results no matter what, is the plan that fits your goals and your lifestyle. At Extreme Gym Nutley our “licensed sports nutritionist” will put a sustainable and realistic plan together that ensures proper nutrients to keep you at your best and delivers the results you want.

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