Choose a protein and carb at each meal

If you consume anything not on this list……you have FAILED.

Important points

a) eat 5 to 7 small meals a day spaced 3 hours apart

b) poultry should weigh 4 oz per meal

c) pasta, rice and oatmeal should measure 1/2 cup uncooked per meal

d) must consume a protein and carb at every meal

e) season foods with mrs. Dash or herbal seasoning

f) no sugars, use only unrefined raw sugar, raw honey, Stevia or splenda

g) do not consume High Fructose Corn Syrup (check food ingredients)

h) drink 8 glass of 8 oz water or crystal light daily

i) no fried foods. only bake, broil or steam

j) use skim milk and stevia (natural sweetner) with your shredded wheat

k) consume a nutritional snack twice daily between meals

l) consume one or two protein shakes daily as a meal

m) use a 100% Whey protein to build muscle & lose fat (mix in water)

n) consume “CLA”, it will reduce your cravings

o) do not consume carbs at your last meal

p) consume only a protein and vegetable at your last meal

q) eat light or workout on empty stomach to burn stored bodyfat

r) must feed your muscles a protein and simple carb (fruit) within an hour after your workout

s) mix protein shakes in water only

t) do not consume partially hydrogenated oils (check food labels)

u) Consume organic apple cider vinegar daily

v) Consume a colon cleanse supplement to cleanse the body of toxins

w) Consume a gram of protein per pound of body weight

x) Take a multivitamin & mineral daily

y) Limit coffee to only 12 oz daily

z) No excuses…How bad do you want it!

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