Maximize your Gains

We have all seen it before, the guy that’s doing half reps with tons of weight grunting and groaning as if he was being mauled by a herd of rhinos. At first sight you may think “wow he is strong” and then you say to yourself,”sure hope he doesn’t hurt himself. Well in fact he is hurting his own progress. I talk to a lot of people everyday and I hear over and over that they are getting stronger and breaking personal records on their big lifts but they don’t seem to be getting bigger or adding the size they hoped for. They seem to have all the necessary tools in place, caloric surplus, proper supplements, intensity in the gym, and are getting the rest that is required. So what can be the problem? Why aren’t they growing?
Without going into great scientific detail about the way muscle cells react to particular stimulus the answer is simple. If your only training your muscles through a short range of motion you are not going to make the size gains that you hope for, yes your strength will increase but not size as much as it would if you trained throughout a FULL range of motion. Its time to throw your ego out the window decrease the weight and perform each and every rep using a full range of motion to experience the most size gains possible.

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