Client/Athlete Testimonial

This page is dedicated to the hard working clients that I have been privileged to work with.


Alicia Monroig

The secret to change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new,” – Socrates

Alicia Monroig believes these words and used them to help her change. The 29-year-old Nutley resident and elementary school teacher has two kids – a four-year-old and 15-month-old. Like many mothers, she struggled to drop the baby weight and found herself around 60 pounds over her pre-pregnancy weight. She couldn’t wear pants, she felt self-conscious and often times struggled to keep up with her little ones. She was out of breath and tired. That’s when she knew she needed to change.

Alicia was looking for a gym to join but didn’t want to go to one of those big chains. She’d been a member before and felt it had a cold and busy atmosphere where people judged you – even though you were there to work out same as them. In January, she found Extreme Gym. It was close to her house and, as soon as she met Marc Tauriello, owner and manager of Extreme Gym, she knew she found the right place. Marc, who has been a personal trainer and sports nutritionist for 17 years, was knowledgeable and seemed committed to helping her meet her goals.

Her goal was to transform her size 16 after pregnancy body into a 8-10 size. After about 7 months of working out a few times a week and sticking to the customized meal plan Marc gave her, Alicia shed 86 pounds.

She felt great and was no longer self-conscious. She had more energy, a more positive attitude and dropped 10 sizes – she’s now wearing a size 6!

Alicia attributes her success to the positive and comfortable atmosphere at Extreme Gym as well as Marc’s expertise and support. He was able to accommodate her always changing family and professional schedule and often rearranged her appointments so that she never missed a training.

Her advice to other mothers: “Find your motivation. Whether it is for yourself, for your kids or just to live a longer healthier life, you have to find that motivation to help you take those steps. Once you take those steps, you’ll start to see change.”

Success Story


Alicia Salzbach was always active. The 27-year-old Clifton resident competed in gymnastics and cheerleading during her entire school career. After she graduated college, she took a few years off from being active but felt like something was missing.

In January 2015, she went to Extreme Gym with a friend and fell in love with it. The home-style feel of the gym immediately made her feel comfortable. People were nice and Marc Tauriello, owner and manager of Extreme Gym, was always there to help with questions or tips.

Shortly after joining the gym, Marc began training Alicia and she immediately felt stronger. She was losing weight, building muscle and changing the way she ate and carried herself. She was healthier and happier than she’s ever been and it must have showed. Marc asked her if she ever thought about competing. Though the thought never crossed her mind, the opportunity to compete excited her.

In May 2015, just 5 months after she joined the gym, Alicia competed in her first NGA competition and placed in fourth place. When she stepped out on to the stage, she felt confident and mentally strong – so much so that she was ready to do it again.

After that, Alicia participated in the 2015 NGA United States Natural Championship last October and won the overall bikini category and then the division to earn NGA Pro status. She believes her success can be attributed to the disciplined mentality and comradery found at the gym. It was more than just a place to work out – it was a community of like-minded people who want to be strong mentally, physically and spiritually.